Fat Sal’s

Restaurant review. A classy and authentic place.

Over the weekend, I visited a very authentic  place at the corner of Highland and Fountain in Hollywood.  Owned in part by Jerry Ferrara, the New York born actor who played the role of  Turtle in the series Entourage,  the restaurant is a serious attempt to bring a bit of New York to California.  You might call it Italian American fast food, although not that fast.

The place is called Fat Sal’s.  The motto on the wall set in wall tiles is:  “Hey, we’re making sandwiches over here.”  It is nice but spartan with tall tables and stools. The French doors were open which makes the small space seem larger.   First thing I got to say is it smells right, smells like a serious Italian American sandwich joint should near the banks of the Hudson River.  

They make very authentic Hero Sandwiches, both hot and cold, they make Hamburgers, Salads, some raps and huge extra wide hero’s on specially baked  bread.  Mara and I split a foot long Classic Italian on a baguette and their Italian Chef’s Salad with olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing.  Good Stuff!! And it was the real thing.  They also have Cheese Steak, Italian Sausage & Peppers in marinara sauce, meat ball and roast beef in Marinara.  Buono.  

The big name sandwiches are extravaganzas with six to ten ingredients.  And they will add or subtract them as you might prefer.

Here is a link to FAT SAL’shttp://fatsalsdeli.com/

All I can say is, When you’se want to eat real good authentic New York Italian sandwiches or burgers,  dis is the joint for you’se.  Capish?


We were too busy eating that we forgot to take any photos.


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