Blue Apron, meal in a box

A friend of my daughter Mara’s is quite a fan of Blue Apron, the meal in a box provider and she gave Mara a coupon for two free meals.  They arrived yesterday and we made the first and will make the second tonight.

At ten to five yesterday a large box arrived at my front door. Impressive very professional carton and it weighed about thirty-five pounds.  Half that weight was the four ice packs that keep the contents chilled.  I schlepped it into the kitchen and unpacked it.  The white special ice packs filled one of two sides of the dual sink.  Then I broke it down.  There were a few promotional fliers and two clear well illustrated instruction sheets.  I broke the ingredients into the two meals: one was Boston style salmon rolls with thick rounds of  Chesapeake style oven roasted potatoes, the other was a savory chicken sauté with garlicky smashed golf ball size new potatoes, nice long green beans and a few extras.  There were two plastic tubs of salmon filets and skinless boneless chicken thighs, a plastic bag of green beans, a clove of garlic,  three large russet potatoes and a packed of new potatoes and the supporting cast of chives, a cup of vinegar, a half cup of mayo, seasoning packets and literally everything you needed except salt, pepper and olive oil (which we had on hand as most people would). 

Mara put on an apron and prepared the meal, the salad was ready except for dressing.  She washed and sliced the russets into silver dollar disks and seasoned them per instructions and put them on a cookie sheet and into the oven.  Then she prepared the salmon as instructed and shortly we had a meal of savory salmon hash served in four hot dog buns.  Very nice and simple.  It would serve four people so the rest of it will go on toasted sour dough with another big salad and stuff to eat while we watch the Warriors and the Cav’s got at it in Cleveland.  We’re Cav’s fans via the St. Mary’s connection with Matt Delavedova the Cav’s Australian Gael alum as back up point guard and the fact that Mara’s boss and some other people at the office are Cleveland natives,  the most dogged and loyal and long suffering breed of sports fans in the USA.

The other meal will be cooked tomorrow and looks to come together as easily and quickly as the first.  So what do I think?   The meals are all there in the box, the instructions are clear and easy to follow and the results are a good healthy meal made from just the right amount of ingredients.  They will feed four people at a cost of $35 bucks.  It feels like they are to cover a weekend because you get two meals in each box and they cost $69.99 for both.  The food is good and obviously way less than what the same would cost at a good restaurant.  The boxes save a lot of time and trouble, if you have a cramped schedule.  Salads and desserts are not included, but not that big a deal to improvise.  So I would give the idea an  OK if you want to try it.  Sure, you could buy the stuff yourself for less at the Supermarket, but most of us would be hard pressed if time was at issue.  It is like those big black plastic boxes at Whole Foods with pot roast, beef stew, etc., etc., etc. which give you all you need to load into your Crockpot in the morning and know you will have a  good meal that night when you get home.  So, when the circumstances are right, I would recommend both items.


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